Break please?

Working on more edits. Looking forward to my trip to Arizona and Utah in 2 weeks.

College Kills!!

Wow. I'm finally nearing the end of a rough semester and I couldn't be happier! I've learned a lot and spent lots of quality time with friends. They even let me take photos of them... Check it out!


Finally received my test prints, and they are looking pretty darn good! Hopefully I will be able to get a collection framed and up in a gallery before the end of the year! Contact me if you want one!

Beartooths... Again?

You know, my last post got me thinking.... I have 3 days off and nothing to do. Looking back on these photos of the Beartooth highway, I might have to drive up and do some camping! The scenery is too good to pass up.

Mega Road Trip

I'm still going through photos, a month after getting back from an 11,000 mile road trip with my sister! There are so many great moments to look back on. This is a shot of my sister exploring a ridgeline on the Beartooth Plateau in Montana.

Beartooth Highway, 6/12/2016